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Instrument Mounting Enclosures

A selection of small industrial enclosures and cabinets for housing process control instruments. Some cases can wall mounted and some have selection of cut-outs for different sized panel mount temperature controllers and recorders.

InstCube 66 Wall Mountable Enclosure

Product Code: INSTCUBE66
a black, wall mountable metal enclosure suitable for 1/4 DIN instruments with a behind the panel depth of up to 100mm. On the side it has two rubber seals that can be pierced to take power or sensor leads. The unit is supplied prefitted with earthing points and 4 screws. More Details...


Instrument Panel Mounting Adaptor
Price (Ex VAT)
1/4th to 1/16th DIN

InstCube FCE Kit: Instrument Enclosure & Front Panel

The InstCube FCE range is a complete solution for mounting instrumentation for furnaces and other processes. It consists of the InstCube FCE Instrument Enclosure, the InstCube FCE Front Panel with pre-defined cut-out areas to take variety of controllers and recorders, and an optional Wall Mounting Bracket. More Details...


Relay Mounting Plate
Price (Ex VAT)
Relay Mounting Panel
Power Connection Options
Price (Ex VAT)
Filtered IEC Socket
M20 Cable Gland
Comms Connector Options
Price (Ex VAT)
DB9 9-way Plug (M) - Solder Terminals
DB9 9-way Socket (F) - Solder Terminals
DB9 9-way Plug (M) - Screw Terminals
DB9 9-way Socket (F) - Screw Terminals
RJ45 Socket - IDC Terminals
Wall Mounting Option
Price (Ex VAT)
Wall Mounting Bracket

InstCube FCE Front Panel

Product Code: FCEINSTMOD6
Designed for mounting instrument sand can be used in combination with the FCE Mounting bracket below. Ideal for fitting into existing instrument cabinets and covering cut-outs left by larger previous instruments. It is made of soft metal and has pre-cut areas that can be easy removed to fit various different instruments in many combinations. More Details...


InstCube FCE Wall Mounting Bracket

A wall mounting bracket suitable use with for the FCE instrumentbox or front panel. The bracket swivels slightly to allow for angled positioning. More Details...


Web Shop » Process Control & Instrumentation » Instrument Mounting Enclosures


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