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Hanwell HL4400 PRT Temperature Data Loggers

Hanwell HL4400 PRT Temperature Data Loggers
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Number of Channels
Hanwell HL4401 PRT Temperature Data Logger, 1 Channel   160.00
Hanwell HL4402 PRT Temperature Data Logger, 2 Channel   180.00


The HL4401 & HL4402 are precision 4-wire PT100 temperature measuring devices. The HL4401 has a single channel the HL4402 is dual channel. The sensors are connected via 5 pin Lemo plugs and sockets. Each 4000 unit reads its on-board sensors providing accurate and reliable information about environmental conditions. The sensors can be calibrated by the either user or at our calibration laboratory. Each unit has an LCD screen simultaneously displaying the most recent readings taken and the predicted battery life.
The logger has enough internal memory to store up to 100,000 readings and is in fact continually logging guaranteeing 100% validity of the data. The data can be downloaded via the high speed USB connection directly into the PC software (W200 available separately). The moulded case allows easy access to the battery and USB socket, as well as having slots to fit onto secure wall brackets (Y119 available separately).

We can manufacture Pt100 probes for use with these loggers, please contact us with your requirements for a quote.

Requires: Hanwell W200 Software and USB Data Lead

Dimensions: 110 x 80 x 35mm
Weight: 200 grams
Power Supply: 3.6 Volt AA Lithium battery
Data Transfer Cable: USB mini B male to USB A male (not supplied)
Battery Life: 18 months
Case Materials: ABS & PC
Operating Humidity Range: 0-100% non-condensing
Operating Temp Range: -20° to +60° C
Memory Capacity: 100,000 readings

Input: 4 wire PT100
Range: -100 to +110°C
Accuracy: ± 0.1° C
Resolution: 0.1° C

  Hanwell HL4400 PT100 Temperature Data Loggers Data Sheet

Web Shop » Clearance »  Hanwell HL4400 PRT Temperature Data Loggers


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