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Infrared Thermometers

A selection of Infrared Thermometers (sometimes known as Infrared Pyrometers), designed for non-contact measurement. They give a quick method of measuring surface temperature without using a probe.

Low Cost Hand-held Infrared Thermometer - UKAS Calibrated

Product Code: INFRAOA561-UKAS1
Quick and simple to use with a large LCD display and a temperature range of -60 to 500C. Each unit comes with its own UKAS calibration certificate, showing results at -20, 10 & 250C, giving you full confidence in its measurement accuracy More Details...


Hand-held Infrared Thermometer, IR-829

Product Code: INFRAIR829
Designed for non-contact low and medium temperature measurement.
Range: -30 to 950C
Distance to Spot Size Ratio: 30:1 


Hand-held Infrared Thermometer, TN425

Product Code: INFRATN425
The TN425 has a range of -59.9 to 999.9C with a 50:1 Distance/Spot Ratio. It features dual laser dot to aid sighting, an LED light, a socket to measure a Type K thermocouple contact probe (ordered separately) and comes in a protective ABS carry case. 


Hand-held Infrared Thermometer, DT-8859

Product Code: INFRADT8859
Designed for non-contact high temperature measurement, the DT-8859 performs advanced temperature measurement and calculations quickly and efficiently.
Range: -50 to 1600C
Distance to Spot Size Ratio: 50:1 More Details...


Web Shop » Hand-held Digital Meters & Instruments » Infrared Thermometers


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