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InstCube FCE Front Panel

InstCube FCE Front Panel


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This Front Panel has been designed for mounting instruments and can be used with the InstCube FCE Wall Mounting Bracket if the instruments are fully enclosed. It is also ideal for fitting into existing instruments cabinets and covering cut-outs left by larger previous instruments.

It is made of soft metal and has pre-cut areas that can be easy removed to fit various different instruments in many combinations. There are also cut-outs for switches and indicators. A red self-adhesive facia sheet is provided to be stuck onto the Instrument Front Panel covering unused cut-outs and giving an attractive finish. An earthing stud is fitted.

Cut-out options provided include*:
2 x 5.5" recorders (138x138mm)
2 x 1/4 DIN (92x92mm) instruments
3 x 1/8th DIN (45x92mm) instruments
4 x 1/16th DIN (45x45mm) instruments
6 x (TMS) Standard Panel Mount Thermocouple Sockets

* Options show the maximum number of the same items, various combinations of the options listed can be achieve with less than the maximum number of items listed, eg only 1 x 5.5" recorder and 1 x 1/4 DIN controller could be fitted.

Dimensions (WxHxD): 365 x 206 mm


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