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Listed below are many of our ex-stock measurement, calibration and control products, for quick and easy purchasing.
For the full product ranges, bespoke products and calibration services we offer, visit the TMS Europe Main Website.

>> Temperature Sensors & Accessories

A wide range of thermocouples and resistance thermometer temperature sensors for a large variety of applications, such as hand-held probes, surface measurement patches and wall mounted sensor boxes. Accessories include connectors and cable for thermocouples and resistance thermometers and thermocouple welding equipment.

Temperature Sensors & Accessories
>> Hand-held Digital Meters & Instruments

A selection of digital hand-held measurement instruments including thermometers for reading thermocouples and resistance thermometers, infrared pyrometers, hygrometers & moisture meters, precision humidity instruments, stop clocks and tachometers.

Hand-held Digital Meters & Instruments
>> Pressure Transducers & Gauges

A range of pressure transducers and pressure gauges suitable for a variety of industrial processes for onshore and offshore applications, chemical and petrochemical plants, pharmaceuticals, food, machinery and processing industries, some are supplied UKAS calibrated for certified traceability.

Pressure Transducers & Gauges
>> Data Loggers

A range of data acquisition instruments for storing measurements of various environmental parameters, such as temperature, humidity, voltage and resistance. These range from instruments that are always connected to a computer to water proofed self-contained dataloggers that go inside autoclaves and other processes.

Data Loggers
>> Calibration Equipment

A selection of calibration equipment suitable for a variety of tasks, such as calibrating temperature sensors and instruments. Includes Calibration Heat Sources, including dry-well block calibration and portable furnace, and Hand-held Simulators & Calibrators.

Calibration Equipment
>> Process Control & Instrumentation

Digital temperature and process controllers; including panel mounted and wall-mountable models, and panel mount indicators from various manufacturers, suitable for a range of industrial applications.

Process Control & Instrumentation
>> SSRs, Contactors & PSUs

SSRs (Solid State Relays), Relays and Contactors, and DIN rail mouting Powers Supplies.

SSRs, Contactors & PSUs
>> Furnaces & Ovens

Furnaces, ovens and accessories. Most models units are ideal for use in labs or for drying or heat treating materials. Furnaces can be used up to 1100°C, ovens up to 300 °C.

Furnaces & Ovens
>> Ceramic & Refractory

A selection of ceramic refractory tubes and ceramic crucibles. Refractory Tubes are available in recrystalised alumina, aluminous porcelain and sillimanite in various diameters and lengths. Ceramic crucibles are available in various shapes and capacities; from 25ml to 2.9L.

Ceramic & Refractory
>> Misc. & Accessories

Miscellaneous products and accessories that apply to a number of product areas.

Misc. & Accessories
>> Clearance

A selection of stock products with prices reduced to clear, including:

  • Hand-held Process Calibrators
  • Process Controllers
  • Thermocouple Probes
  • Infrared Thermometers
Some units are ex-demo or have only been used for evaluation, others are old stock. Stock of most of items is limited.



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