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Dry-Well Block Calibrators

TMS Europe manufactures a range of highly accurate dry-well Block Calibrators for the calibration of temperature sensors, thermocouples, RTDs, thermostats etc. We offer small hand-held and larger portable models with temperature ranges down to -15°C (35°C below ambient) and up to 500°C.

TMS BC2001 Block Calibrator

Product Code: BC2001/1/240/C
The BC2001 Block Calibrator is designed to check the accuracy of sensors and thermometers and its hand-held size means true portability, even to the tightest corner of your plant. Its simple and convenient to use with 6 pockets, each 100mm deep, except 1.6mm. Even at 350C its stainless steel case is cool enough to hold in your hand. More Details...


TMS UBC2001 Block Calibrator

Product Code: UBC2001/240V/C
The UBC2001 has all the same quality features of its bigger brothers, just in a smaller package with a 13.3mm pocket to take four supplied interchangeable sleeve sizes and a 6.3mm pocket. Designed for checking the accuracy of sensors and thermometers, additionally it can be used to check thermostats with its built test circuit and buzzer. More Details...


TMS UBC1001 Block Calibrator

Product Code: UBC1001/2/240/C
UBC1001 sub-zero block calibrator designed to be portable and cool to 35 degrees below ambient More Details...


Web Shop » Calibration Equipment » Dry-Well Block Calibrators


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