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Thermocouple Temperature Sensors

TMS Europe are a manufacturer of thermocouple temperature sensors that are used in a wide range of industries and applications around the world. Our webshop offers a wide range of thermocouples from stock, including mineral insulated, industrial, hand-held probes, surface patches and exposed junction. Most are available with a choice of thermocouple type; J, K, N, T. We can also manufacture custom thermocouples to your specification, contact us for a quote.
>> Mineral Insulated Thermocouples

These fast response, high accuracy thermocouples are suited to operating within extreme environments at temperatures ranging from -270°C to +1100°C. The sheaths can be easily shaped and formed without loss in performance to suit your installation requirements.

Mineral Insulated Thermocouples
>> Industrial Thermocouples

Industrial thermocouples are designed for use within any general heat treatment and temperature measuring atmosphere, capable of maintaining temperatures and accuracy up to +1100°C.
Industrial Thermocouples are a great low cost alternative to noble metal thermocouples at lower temperatures.

Industrial Thermocouples
>> Hand-held Thermocouples

TMS has a vast range of hand-held thermocouple probes ideal for a variety of applications available in types K, T, J & N.
Covering temperatures from -270°C to +1100°C they are perfect for easy handling, quick use temperature measurement.

Hand-held Thermocouples
>> Surface Thermocouples (Self Adhesive & Bolt-On)

Self-Adhesive and Bolt on, surface thermocouples provide accurate temperature measurement of the surface or body they are attached to. Suited to a wide variety of surface mounted applications they are a great choice for those wanting to know object rather than surrounding air temperature.

Surface Thermocouples (Self Adhesive & Bolt-On)
>> Exposed Junction Thermocouples

Exposed junction thermocouples provide a versatile and low cost alternative to hand-held or industrial thermocouples, they can be adapted to many temperature applications in the range of -75 to 250°C and as the junction is exposed they also react rapidly to temperature change.

Exposed Junction Thermocouples
>> Molten Plastic Thermocouples

Specifically designed plastic melt probes to provide true plastic melt temperature with millisecond response times.

Molten Plastic Thermocouples
>> Hermetically Sealed Thermocouples

Small fine wire PFA insulated thermocouples, hermetically sealed at the sensor tip to provide complete protection for the measuring junction. These thermocouples are quick responding and flexible conferring functionality to a wide variety of applications.

Hermetically Sealed Thermocouples
>> AMS 2750 Nadcap Compliant Thermocouples

AMS 2750 Nadcap compliant thermocouple temperature sensors. Each thermocouple has a unique label attached, giving full traceability to a UKAS Calibration Certificate, which gives calibration results of two samples from each end of the batch material used to make the thermocouples, expressed suitable for Nadcap audits.

AMS 2750 Nadcap Compliant Thermocouples
>> Miscellaneous & Proprietary Thermocouples

Thermocouples for a variety of specific application and requirements, generally in industrial use.

Miscellaneous & Proprietary Thermocouples

Web Shop » Temperature Sensors & Accessories » Thermocouple Temperature Sensors


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