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Hand-held Digital Meters & Instruments

A selection of digital hand-held measurement instruments including thermometers for reading thermocouples and resistance thermometers, infrared pyrometers, hygrometers & moisture meters, precision humidity instruments, stop clocks and tachometers.
>> Digital Thermometers

A selection of digital hand-held thermometers for use with a thermocouple or resistance thermometer probe to measure temperatures from -270 to 1770°C. Most units come UKAS calibrated at several points across their normal usuage range. We can also UKAS calibrate these instruments with a probe of your choice at the temperature you require; please contact us for a quote.

Digital Thermometers
>> Infrared Thermometers

A selection of Infrared Thermometers (sometimes known as Infrared Pyrometers), designed for non-contact measurement. They give a quick method of measuring surface temperature without using a probe.

Infrared Thermometers
>> Hygrometers

Thermo-hygrometers for measuring the relative humidity and temperature of an indoor environment. Our most popular model includes UKAS calibration and is ideal for monitoring labs and storage areas, since many processes and materials can adversely affected by humidity.

>> Precision Humidity Instruments from Rotronic

High precision humidity & temperature probes and hand-held instruments, with data logging and PC connection options, from Rotronic.

Precision Humidity Instruments from Rotronic
>> Digital Stop-Clocks & Timers

Digital Stop-Clocks, Timers and Countdown Timers, supplied UKAS calibrated.

Digital Stop-Clocks & Timers
>> Digital Tachometers

A selection of digital optical Tachometers for non-contact measurement of rotational speed in RPM. Some models come with calibration.

Digital Tachometers


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