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Portable Calibration Furnaces

Portable calibration tube furances for calibrating thermocouples up to 1100°C.

TMS Thermal Cal 1 Portable Calibration Furnace

TMS Thermal Cal 1 Portable Calibration Furnace

TMS Stock Code: THERMALCAL1-230V


Estimated Availability: Contact us for a lead time.

A portable horizontal tube furnace intended for use as a thermocouple calibrator. It is a high stability heat source designed for the calibration of thermocouples up to 8mm in diameter, with a maximum operating temperature of 1100°C. Thermal Cal 1 is completely portable and the element/work tube’s special design results in a temperature uniformity not normally associated with a furnace of this size.

The work tube is earthed and external earth lead with clip is provided for when calibrating metal-sheathed or mineral insulated thermocouples. This is for operator safety and it stops induced EMF interference being induced into the thermocouples under test. The Thermal Cal 1 can be used on site or in a laboratory for the checking or calibration of most thermocouples. Rapid heating up and stabilisation make it ideal for checking thermocouples in situ, avoiding costly downtime.

A UKAS calibration certificate is available for this product at customer specified points (as an optional extra), please contact us for a price.

Temperature Range: 400 - 1100°C
Supply Voltage: 230Vac 50Hz

Appearance will vary. Contact us for further specification details.

Web Shop » Calibration Equipment » Portable Calibration Furnaces


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