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Hand-held Data Loggers

A range of Hand-held Data Loggers that have a display and are used like other hand-held digital meters, but also store their measurements for later analysis.

CHY 806A Handheld 2ch. Thermocouple Data Logger

Product Code: DIGIHH-806A
A high accuracy 2 channel thermocouple data logger. 


Rotronic HygroPalm 22 hand-held humidity & temperature meter

Product Code: ROTRONIC-HP22
The HygroPalm 22 is a hand-held Relative Humidity (%RH) and temperature instrument that takes an interchangeable probe (e.g. HygroClip2). Featuring an integral 2000 point memory and USB interface for connection to a computer. More Details...


Web Shop » Data Loggers » Hand-held Data Loggers


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