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Calibration Equipment

A selection of calibration equipment suitable for a variety of tasks, such as calibrating temperature sensors and instruments. Includes Calibration Heat Sources, including dry-well block calibration and portable furnace, and Hand-held Simulators & Calibrators.
>> Hand-held Calibration Instruments

A selection of hand-held instruments for a variaty of calibration purposes, including simluation & measurement of temperature sensors. Includes Thermocouple Calibrators, RTD Calibrators and mA Loop Calibrators.

Hand-held Calibration Instruments
>> Dry-Well Block Calibrators

TMS Europe manufactures a range of highly accurate dry-well Block Calibrators for the calibration of temperature sensors, thermocouples, RTDs, thermostats etc. We offer small hand-held and larger portable models with temperature ranges down to -15°C (35°C below ambient) and up to 500°C.

Dry-Well Block Calibrators
>> Portable Calibration Furnaces

Portable calibration tube furances for calibrating thermocouples up to 1100°C.

Portable Calibration Furnaces


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